One week since floodwaters peaked in the small Kimberly town, Fitzroy Crossing locals are relying on federal resources to slowly recover and assess the damage inflicted on their town and nearby communities.  

The massive task of cleaning up after the flood has started, despite extremely limited access to the outside communities. The Australian Defense Force has landed planes full of supplies and volunteers, and most roads used to access Fitzroy Crossing are closed.

For more resources and information on how to directly support victims of the Fitzroy Crossing flooding, click here to access the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre website.  

Image: Employees of a Fitzroy Crossing supermarket begin the massive cleanup effort. Image courtesy of Dylan Storer

Produced By: Cassie Taylor

Featured In Story: Dylan Storer – Reporter for ABC News in Fitzroy Crossing

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 12 January 2023